First blog post

March 30th was World Bipolar Day.  Today, April 2nd, is my emergence into blog world.  And soon, within the next few weeks, Hear All The Bells, my book about living with this strange manic depressive condition, will be available from Amazon.

The book is my story, not a self-help guide, but I did put together a “Letter to a Friend” as an appendix to Hear All The Bells.  It gives some nuts & bolts advice — things I’ve learned while managing my recovery — that might be useful to someone who is newly diagnosed or still experimenting to find workable tools for recovery.

It will be available for download here, for free, as soon as I can figure out how to do that…

Here’s a little snipplet from the beginning of the letter:

“Have you had to walk out the doors of a hospital or a doctor’s office with this new diagnosis—’manic depressive’ or ‘bipolar’—emblazoned on your chest? Have you come back to earth from a manic episode wondering how to return to daily life once you’ve been up that high and out that far? How do you fit yourself back into the straight and narrow after your mind has taken you to such strange places—the ragged outer reaches of depression and mania? Even if it was all delusion, how do you set that aside, become ‘normal?’

My simple answer: You don’t. You can’t. You find another path between those two extremes. You find a third way out.”


From Hear All The Bells by Christina Wulf

More soon…


One thought on “First blog post

  1. I’ll be buying it….even though I’ve already read it….I have to say I read it from beginning to end in one sitting and I normally would run from anything to do with mental illness… But Christina is a wonderful and personal writer and her book is fascinating. She absolutely gives a first hand view into bipolar disorder that was somehow not frightening for me to read (maybe because I knew how it would turn out) but it’s actually hopeful and funny….I enjoyed it….


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