A simple thing

I dream of a new religion –

a religion that does not worship but cultivates.

The core belief is that human goodness exists

and should be valued, nurtured, and embraced in one another.


This religion does not deny or disparage the faiths of the world

but overarches them, underlies them…

in the same way that care of climate, water,

earth and food, air and beauty

overarches and underlies all other human issues

because they bind us together, every one of us;

they allow us to live.


I dream of a religion—perhaps we could call it kinship

that is enshrined in our cells. 

Its sacred texts are a global history too massive to write down

and the microscopic DNA codes

written in the bodies of every person, every creature.

And so each sacred song, every pilgrimage and prayer,

every mantra and meditation and dance

takes place within this kinship – so complex, so simple…

all life is related; all life depends upon the planet.

How beautiful, how good, how lovely this is. 

To belong to here.

To belong to each other.   


The first thing we teach our children,

before doctrine or identity,

is that they are born innocent and good

and they live on a breathing, beautiful planet

with a wild whirlwind of kindred life forms,

(all born innocent and good)

that we must care for

as we care for ourselves. 


Hold faith in kinship, child 

and welcome home, child

Welcome home.